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Take a look at what Guru say about themselves below. We have been working with these guys from the start and there are several reasons why. At GC we are all about detail and so are Guru, we work together to provide the ultimate in totally customizable frames (materials, geometry, design and colours) and sometimes complete bikes within industry leading timescales.

Custom made frames are usually drawn up for approval in a matter of 2-3 days with delivery typically in 4-5 weeks.

The dialogue between us is comprehensive and possible because of our excellent relationship with an organisation that is large enough to deliver on it’s promises, whilst still being small enough where every bike matters.

If you are in the market for top end bike then you really should consider this brand. Contact us if you would like to understand more about both the product and our pricing.

So comfortable are we with these bikes we offer price match less a further 5% against any other UK Guru dealer’s quote on a non – stock frame or bike.

Hand-crafted: We believe a bicycle is more than a piece of equipment. It is the ultimate interface between man and the road, one that should feel like a natural extension of your body. That’s why Guru craft our frames based on individual rider specifications. From carbon layup and metal welding to final clear coat, Guru do it all themselves in our ultra-modern facility based in Montreal, Canada. That allows us to sweat every detail with one goal in mind: to make you the perfect bike. The one that will unleash your full potential as a cyclist.

High-tech: For us, Custom is not an exercise in vanity or luxury–it’s all about precision serving performance. Contrary to other custom builders, Guru go way beyond made-to-measure geometry to produce some of the most technologically advanced bicycles in the entire industry. Our composites program, in particular, pushes the boundaries of carbon fiber manufacturing: From F.E.A.-perfected, seamless frame designs that take full advantage of carbon fiber’s tensile properties to a proprietary moulding process that generates singular, monocoque parts with an exceptional fiber-to-resin ratio, the list of home-grown innovations goes on. Our operations are based in a cycling-crazy city that happens to be a hotbed of aerospace technology and expertise. Accordingly, we use the latest aerospace standards in order to deliver the purest, most powerful ride you have ever experienced.

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