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The history of Raleigh goes right back to 1885. They are the brand that everyone has heard of and today they build an extensive range of quality bikes.

At GC we want to be able to offer a range of cycle brands that compliment our ethos while catering for all types and seriousness of rider. Raleigh allows us to sell over a much broader price spectrum whilst retaining our highly valued levels of service.

Sure, these bikes are available on the high street, but it’s only at GC you will get a free bike fit within our price.

We have worked with Raleigh to ensure the fit measurements we generate are seamlessly tied to their range. With our mechanics able to adjust, and swap if necessary, components to ensure we continue to deliver the optimum fit.

Our normal policies allow us to be aggressive on pricing, so if you are thinking of a Raleigh for your next bike ask us for a quote on the model you want. If you are unsure and want guidance – that’s fine too.

These are “a lot of bike for the money” – good frames equipped with components from major component manufacturers FSA, Shimano and SRAM together with the continually well reviewed Cole wheels.

The Raleigh Revenio 4 Carbon is one of our featured bikes which you can find here.

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